Ricky Polo

Ricky Polo was born and raised in the North side of Chicago. He was forced to grow up quickly, seeing the street life firsthand and surrounded by the fast paced “GO” environment of Chicago.  He learned he had to hustle and outwork others in the competitive streets, music, and his everyday life.  At 13, he was a busy graffiti artist and got introduced to the local hip hop scene.  He began attending showcases and was inspired by the emcees battling and began writing his own lyrics.

He soon began to compete with friends and any challengers at parties and in the streets.  His skills gained him local notoriety and he began to start hitting the recording studios and taking his music to a new level. He became affiliated with an upcoming Chicago independent record label that began booking Ricky Polo in shows throughout Chicago and Naptown (Indianapolis).  Due to legal issues the label was shut down and Polo relocated to South Florida to concentrate on finishing his business degree.

His impressive freestyle skills again got him attention with musicians in his new location. One of his friends signed him up for The Last Man Standing, a South Florida rap battle competition and convinced him to compete to win free studio time. After winning the battle his passion for music was reborn and he got into the Florida music scene where he met J Savvy and Chase Mills.  Chase Mills had also recently relocated from the Midwest to South Florida and they teamed up to form “The Casual Crooks”. They began recording and joined J Savvy on his “High-95 Tour” in July of 2013.

Musically influenced by Midwest hip hop like Twista and Do Or Die as well as East Coast hip hop, they both contribute to to his smooth, yet sometimes rugged delivery of lyrics.  His verses are well thought out and put together with ease thanks to his freestyle skills and extensive battling history.

Ricky Polo is currently working on his highly anticipated debut solo mixtape “Brand Awareness”. Stay tuned there is lots on the way this year from Ricky Polo and the Casual Crooks.

Ricky Polo